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Separating the Expert Local Electricians from the Unreliable Ones

According to various surveys, Local  Electricians were considered to be the most honest tradespeople mainly due to their manners, punctuality and overall appearance. However, in reality those three traits aren’t always enough to separate a dodgy electrician from a true expert. Below are some ways that you can identify a dodgy electrician when searching for reliable Electricians.

Preventing a Mishap:-

There are countless examples of people having bad experiences with different tradespeople. Such incidences are enough to make anyone nervous when inviting tradespeople when work needs to be done in their home. In fact, a survey was conducted with 2,000 UK residents among which almost 40% claimed to have had a bad experience with a trades person on the past. When selecting an Local Electricians to work in your home it is recommended to invite at least three Local Electricians with quotations before finalising. You should be comfortable with the Local Electricians working in your home and you should also clearly understand what it is they are doing.

Local Electricians

Going for Government Approved Local Electricians Only:-

You can find any number of Local Electricians eager to work in your home. Of course, their quality of work may not be impressive. However, if you go for only Electrician who guarantee to work according to the Government endorsed electrical standards you can be sure to get top quality services. Therefore you should look for electricians who are listed in Government backed schemes.

Quotations should be Written:-

Make sure you get a written quotations from at least three Local Electricians. This will give a good idea of the expense of work carried out as well as include a full breakdown of the costs so you see where your money is going. Quotations also allow you to fully monitor the progress of work carried out. Never work with Local Electricians who don’t give you a written quotation and also beware of electricians who seem to be the cheapest amongst the rest.

Have Contracts in Place:-

Never hire electricians who avoid signing a contract with you to confirm the work that will be done. Small companies may not use them and work on trust alone. Nonetheless, it is still better to have a contract in place. If needed create one yourself and have the electrician sign it. Furthermore, the Local Electricians you employ should very happily answer any questions that you direct towards them and show relevant documents when prompted. This includes documents related to qualifications, registration and previous work.

With so much to consider, finding proper trained Local Electricians seems challenging. However, if you are looking for expert Local Electricians who are fully qualified and adequately experienced you are more than welcome to contact our team at Positive electrician.

The decision of whether to hire a local electrician or a big company that outsources electricians can be quite daunting. Most people tend to think the best option is hiring the big company, but most of the time, it’s not always the best option. Sometimes, hiring local elections proves to be more beneficial.

One thing you should note is that electricity is a specialized industry. It requires a person with the right skills, training and experience in handling electricity for them to deliver high-quality work. Only a professional electrician London knows their way around electricity installations and delivers quality work.

So Why Should You Hire a Professional Local Electrician?


If you are searching for local electrician services in London and you want a fair price, the local electrician is your best bet. Local electricians decide how much to charge you depending on the job. A big agency, on the other hand, has set prices and there’s no way to bargain. You can also opt to look for different local electricians who can offer you the best price for the job and do a good job.

More experience

With big companies, there are low-level electricians with no experience working under others and most can’t work on their own. Local electricians, on the other hand, tend to have more experience as most people prefer using local electrician services as compared to big agencies. Some of the electrical problems locals experience are minor and calling out a big agency for such a job seems like a waste of time and money. This means the local electricians get more jobs hence more experience.

Local electricians are licensed

Hiring a local electrician in London gives you an assurance of their certification and licensing. You can simply ask to see their license and verify it within no time. It’s also easier to research the electrician and determine whether to hire them or not. With a local electrician, you can get reviews from locals about the jobs they have done. There are people around you with firsthand experience of the local electrician and the services they provide


A professional local electrician is more reliable and available at any time. What if you require electrician services in London during the night? You simply call the local electrician whose contacts you have on your phone, and they show up in the shortest time possible. Local electricians understand the urgency with their jobs, and they take it more seriously.

With the local electrician, you are sure the installed electrical system will run efficiently and for a long time. Local electricians in London treasure reputation from the locals more than anything else. They know that doing a good job is the only thing that can get them referrals so they strive to do the best jobs locally.

With an expert local electrician, you can choose who to work with as compared to big agencies who send out any electrician your way.


Positive Contractors continue to strive for excellence is both customer care and quality of works… As with all things in life, we continue to expand our knowledge and invest in our engineers by providing ongoing training and advanced courses. We are accredited to various association to confirm our high standards and commitment to our clients.

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