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Are you in constant worry?

Are you in constant worry that someone might gain access to your property?
Is your property ready for a fire emergency?
Do you have alarms installed in your property for security purposes?

If you didn’t like the answer to any of these questions, we are here for you. We have professional alarm installers with the skills and expertise required to install correctly functioning alarm systems. Don’t allow your property to go down because of faulty alarm connections.

Alarms today are a necessity in every home and commercial buildings too. You can never be too safe when it comes to installing alarm systems.

With an alarm system, no one can gain access to your property without your authorisation. If anyone tries to illegally or forcefully enter the property, an alarm is triggered and security agents are notified.

In case of a fire outbreak, what steps do you have in motion to prevent the spread of the fire and notify emergency responders?

Security alarm keypad with person arming the system concept for crime prevention
The smoke sensor on the ceiling.


We pride ourselves in providing professional installation of security alarms and other alarm services to our clients.

Choosing the best security system for the safety of your family or business is an important decision. Our team of highly skilled professionals provides you with knowledge and expertise in security alarm systems to help you make the best decision.

You might not know the best security needs of your home or you aren’t sure, but we are here for you. Let us assess the security needs of your home or property and advise you accordingly. We have alarm specialists in place to provide you with all the information you require to keep your family and business safe.

Don’t trouble yourself anymore. Let us handle all your security alarms installation, repair, and maintenance services. With the increase of burglary and insecurity incidents today, we help you stay safe and at peace all the time.


Positive Contractors continue to strive for excellence is both customer care and quality of works… As with all things in life, we continue to expand our knowledge and invest in our engineers by providing ongoing training and advanced courses. We are accredited to various association to confirm our high standards and commitment to our clients.

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