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Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting expertise to advise your business on the latest regulations

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    Emergency lighting installation, design and testing:

    • Emergency light testing with minimal disruption (Can offer out of hours)
    • Offer free quotes and fix and faults
    • Ensure compliance
    • Issue Emergency Lighting Test Certificates
    • Provide an ongoing emergency lighting service, with same-day fixes when repairs are needed

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    We’ll take care of your emergency lighting compliance from start to finish

    By Law you are required to have emergency lighting within your commercial premises. The system should be periodically tested, inspected and maintained to remain 100% compliant. We can provide a service to create floor plans and label each light and keep a file on exactly what repairs have been completed to which light. A logbook will be provided to keep records on when the tests have been carried out to make sure you meet statutory requirements. Positive Contractors pride ourselves in quality emergency lighting services and offer ways to help you save money and keep you safe and complaint.

    Prescribed safety measure for commercial properties in the UK

    Stay on the light side of the law.

    Heavy penalties can be issued to businesses who fail to meet these emergency lighting requirements, so it’s important to remain complaint at all times.
    Emergency lighting regulations are a prescribed safety measure for commercial properties in the UK – and for good reason. The UK’s emergency lighting standards play an important role in the safety of your commercial property, especially in an evacuation situation. In an emergency situation when the main power supply fails, emergency lighting is required to provide automatic lighting for the building. It is vital that this illumination gives guidance and reassurance, helping people exit a building safely.
    Emergency lighting testing is also required to ensure that your emergency lighting is working as it should. Positive Contractors are able not only to carry out these inspections, and carry out any remedial works to any emergency lighting problems at the source.
    At Positive Contractors, we have the emergency lighting expertise to advise your business on the latest regulations and standards to ensure both safety and compliance. Our ongoing emergency lighting maintenance service and emergency lighting testing will allow you to focus on running your business, secure in the knowledge that your emergency lighting needs are being taken care of.