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Are you searching for high quality and cost-effective flooring option for your home or business? Welcome to Positive Contractors. We are a company that provides top-notch flooring services for commercial and residential clients. For all your flooring services, Positive Contractors is the go-to contractor. We believe in doing the job right and at the right price for maximum quality and durability

Handyman installing wooden floor in new house

We offer professional flooring services that accommodate any type of flooring project regardless of the size. We have a team of specialists who know that every flooring project is unique and comes with its own set of requirements from tools, specialty, materials, etc. Every property needs a specific level of customization to fit the client’s satisfaction, and that is what we deliver.

When coming up with a plan for your space, we incorporate your ideas and combine them with our specialists’ knowledge and come up with a perfect plan for your floor. To deliver the best and high-quality floor, our team wants you involved in every aspect of the project from the design to finishing.

Tools and toolbox lying on flood damaged floor

Our experienced professionals offer a wide range of flooring materials, types, and designs that change the entire look of your property. Regardless of the size or type of flooring, we can guarantee you that the installation is performed flawlessly with quality finish that will impress you.

Let us help you upgrade the quality of your flooring. We will give you advise on the best and most durable materials and the ideal flooring type for your property.


Positive Contractors continue to strive for excellence is both customer care and quality of works… As with all things in life, we continue to expand our knowledge and invest in our engineers by providing ongoing training and advanced courses. We are accredited to various association to confirm our high standards and commitment to our clients.

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