Commercial Services

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Positive Electrical can offer a highly comprehensive range of commercial services across London and Essex.

Through teams of our expert commercial electricians we have built a reputation on our quality or work, design, installation, repair and maintenance of electrical works in sectors such as offices, schools, hospitals, and new builds.

All works are carried out to the latest edition of the wiring regulations.

Commercial Electrician

Positive Electrical is one of the top commercial electrical services providers in London, Essex, and surrounding areas. We understand that commercial electrical projects are intricate and require expertise and top skills than domestic electrical services. This is one reason you have to call a professional for all your commercial electrical services in London.

Don’t make the mistake of cutting corners or getting an inexperienced London Electrician to handle your commercial electrical problems. These require someone with understanding and far greater expertise as well as experience. At Positive Electrical, we provide a wide range of commercial electrical services to suit our clients.

Safety is a top concern when it comes to commercial electrical services. Your property or business is put in jeopardy by faulty wiring and electrical installations. Don’t take the risk or wait to smell the wiring burning and the lights dim to know there is a problem. Get the best at Positive Electrical. We believe in doing the job right from the word go, from the materials, design, installation as well as repairs and maintenance.

Our skilled professional electricians at Positive Electricals provide you with detailed explanations and up-front pricing free of overtime charges and unexpected expenses. We also strive to protect your business by obtaining the required permits, approvals, and inspections as required by the laws and local regulations.

We also have the latest training, tools, information, and technology to ensure the success of any commercial project you have. Our team is also experienced, and no commercial project or problem is tough for we have encountered this before. Contact us today and get your commercial electrical services handled by a professional London Electrician. Get it right the first time and prevent delay, and safety hazards anywhere in your property.

Commercial Services

  •  Emergency 24 Hour Service
  •  Fire Detection Systems
  •  PAT Testing
  •  Emergency Lighting
  •  Electrical Testing Certificates
  •  Additional Sockets / Lights
  •  Consumer Unit Replacements
  •  Door Entry Systems
  •  Earthing & Bonding
  •  Electric Heating
  •  Fuse Box Replacements
  •  Fault Finding & Repairs
  •  Full & Partial Rewires
  •  LED Lighting
  •  Lighting Design
  •  Lighting Installation
  •  Lighting Repairs
  •  Partial Rewires
  •  PAT Testing
  •  Rewiring
  •  Security Lighting
  •  Smoke & Heat Alarms
  •  Sockets
  •  Switches
  •  Telephone Points
  •  Testing & Inspection
  •  Transformers
  •  Tripping Circuits
  •  TV & Aerials
  •  Water Heaters

Commercial Buildings & Premises

Positive Electrical is one of the top commercial electrical services providers in London, Essex, and surrounding areas. Please see some examples of types of building we carry works out in:

  •  Offices
  •  Shops
  •  Schools
  •  Factories
  •  Retail Outlets
  •  Hospitals and healthcare
  •  Sports Centres
  •  Pubs, clubs and restaurants
  •  Hotels

Emergency Lighting

All businesses must have emergency lighting to operate automatically in the event an emergency and give sufficient illumination to enable all occupants to evacuate the premises safely.

It is a statutory requirement as part of the regulatory reform (fire safety) order 2005, that all businesses must have emergency lighting.

Monthly Testing:

All emergency lighting systems should be tested monthly.
The duration of the test should be sufficient to ensure that the luminaires operate correctly.
This can be carried out by a trained member of staff and they will need to complete a monthly logbook.

Annual Testing:
For the annual test, all the light will need to be switch off for the full duration of 3 hours. Any lights which do not last the duration of this test will be marked onto a lighting floorplan and a quote will be sent to rectify.

We can carry out testing and remedial works out of hours, to avoid any downtime to your business.

For all your emergency lighting needs why not get in touch with our friendly team today for prices and to book an appointment.
Why not save time and money and checkout our maintenance packages; we can take care of your monthly and annual tests as well as other services you may require.

Fire Alarm Systems

At Positive Electrical, we have fire alarms specialists who keep your fire alarm equipment within code, updated, and maintained all the time. Fire is an emergency, and while we never wish for it to happen, we are fully committed to ensuring your property is prepared for any incident. We have fully qualified and skilled specialists well versed in local AHJ requirements and NFPA codes across the country.

Maybe you already have an existing fire alarm system, and you need it checked out. We support the current system and design, and if need be, we install a new modern one. We work with you to help you migrate from the outdated system to a newer and cost-effective system recommended by the local AHJ.

When your fire alarm is inspected and maintained regularly, it works better keeping the safety of your property on top. We are set apart from our competition by our reasonably priced installations and inspections plus service rates.

We are the company that knows and understands the difference between any other service provider and being an exceptional service provider. All our staff is duly trained and qualified for any fire alarm installation, inspection, and maintenance. We fully understand the seriousness of a fire alarm system and that it can mean the difference between losing and saving lives or property, so we take the job very seriously. Our industry is associated with so many liabilities, so we take our performance and obligations very seriously.

Make us your partner in fire and life safety, and you will never regret it. Let us do the right thing, and everything else will take care of itself.


An Electric Installation Condition Report (ECIR) is a fixed wire inspection test done on the electrical wiring of any property. The inspection is done to outline problems with fixed wiring circuits that might present a risk.

All fixed electrical installations in your home or property deteriorate with usage and time. Some of them might become a fire hazard, and the only way you can know and rectify the problem is through an EICR report. It is a requirement by law to have all fixed electrical installations periodically inspected and tested by a qualified engineer who then produces a report.

At Positive Electrical, we offer ECIR inspections and testing to help flush out any problems or issues with your fixed wiring installations. We ensure all the electrical systems are well installed and functioning properly at all time. We have qualified and experienced engineers ready to handle your ECIR reports at any time. Just call us today and book an inspection.

We inspect the wiring installations for exposed wiring, bonding conductors, exposed terminals, poor quality materials, correct type and switchgear location, and proper use of the installations. We then conduct a detailed test on each of the circuits to determine if there are safety measures in place and if they operate efficiently in fault conditions. By the time we are done with all the tests and inspections, no problem will be left on the wiring system.

After inspection, if there are any faults or problems, we have qualified electricians who can do all the repairs and maintenance works on the wiring system. We leave no stone unturned, and we offer solutions to any problem unearthed during the inspection. Remember the EICR is a requirement by law especially for landlords and residential property owners. You are required to do an ECIR every year to ascertain the safety of your tenants.

Call us today and get a comprehensive EICR report.

AC Services

Are you in search of reliable air conditioning services? Look no further.
We understand how important your home’s air conditioning is as it is part of your indoor comfort. A well maintained and properly functioning AC system can mean the difference between a warm, comfortable winter and a cold, freezing miserable time. The choice here is yours.

If you have a broken air conditioner, an inefficient system or you need your AC system checked out; it’s high time you called Positive Electrical. We have ample experience in the industry, and we also have qualified professionals who have dealt with AC systems so many times before.

It is our company’s mission to make sure your AC system is in the best condition and working all the time efficiently properly. We give unsolicited advice on how to take better care of the system, and you can call us at any time of the system fails or if it’s inefficient. We won’t leave you freezing in your home even for one minute.

We offer all air conditioning services from repair, replacement, routine tune-ups, nest smart home installation, and emergency air conditioner services. Are you having trouble with your current AC system? We offer same day services and next day installations to ensure your comfort is never compromised.

Get in touch with us today and schedule an appointment to get your AC system back in its perfect condition.


Positive Electrical continue to strive for excellence is both customer care and quality of works… As with all things in life, we continue to expand our knowledge and invest in our engineers by providing ongoing training and advanced courses. We are accredited to various association to confirm our high standards and commitment to our clients.

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