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Positive Electrical can offer a highly comprehensive range of commercial services across London and Essex.

Through teams of our expert commercial electricians we have built a reputation on our quality or work, design, installation, repair and maintenance of electrical works in sectors such as offices, schools, hospitals, and new builds.

All works are carried out to the latest edition of the wiring regulations.

5 Year EICR Testing

Positive Electrical Offer the full range of electrical tests and inspections.
We are NAPIT approved contractors and are able to certify all of our work and report on existing installations to check if they are electronically sound.

Commercial electrical installation condition reports (EICR) are used to check the safety, operation and compliance of an electrical system. Like domestic reports these are needed every 5 years on most commercial properties. As a commercial property owner it is your responsibility to ensure that the building is in good condition and electrically sound.
Over time all electrical systems degrade from general use. Examples of these are light switches or sockets being damaged, connections becoming loose and cable deterioration, lots of these can be avoided by having regular maintenance. Some of these issues are major risks, loose connections can cause fires if left loose and could be the cause of major losses if not rectified.
Electrical condition reports are a must if you are renting a property for business use. By law you are not required to have this report but they are usually required for insurance purposes. If any harm was to come of a person in your commercial property from the electrical system, and a valid condition report had not been obtained then the victim could take legal action against you.
A commercial EICR is a report on your fixed wiring, checking the safety and operation. These report’s differ greatly from PAT testing and Appliance testing as it is an in depth report on the fixed wiring and electrical components of a building, not appliances. The final report consists of clearly recorded results, measurements and values taken during the inspection. From these results we are able to advise on appropriate recommendations on any damage or deterioration found (if any), that are needed to get the system to a serviceable and safe state to use.

Maintenance Contracts

At Positive Electrical we understand how important it is for your electrical system to be safe and reliable when it is in a commercial working area. We have over 30 years’ experience in commercial and industrial electronics and cover every aspect of maintenance your company may need on your electrical system.
We have designed 3 different maintenance packages below

12 x Monthly Emergency Light Tests
12 x Monthly scheduled maintenance check
Discounted Emergency call outs
Telephone advise helpline
48 hour response time
12 x Monthly Emergency Light Tests
12 x Monthly scheduled maintenance check
Discounted Emergency call outs
Telephone advise helpline
24 hour response time
5 x Emergency Call outs
Annual fire alarm testing certificate
12 x Monthly Emergency Light Tests
12 x Monthly scheduled maintenance check
Discounted Emergency call outs
Telephone advise helpline
Same Day Call Out
10 x Emergency Call outs
Annual fire alarm testing certificate

*Please note these are guide prices and we would need to arrange a free consultation to ascertain to correct package for you. We can also tailor make a package suit your needs.
Does not include parking charges
All Prices are subject to VAT

Emergency Call-Outs

At Positive Electrical we’re all too familiar with the stress that an electrical emergency can cause. It can stop businesses from functioning properly and cause a workplace to become dangerous. A lot of fires are caused by faulty electrics and it is crucial that a professional is called out at the very first signs of a fault. We will send an expert engineer, who will restore any electrics to full working order.
We do not charge a call out fee. Our charges start when we get to site from £75+vat per hour.

Fire Alarm Systems

Positive Electrical have a track record of methodical and reliable testing of fire alarm testing in all sorts of workplaces. Uniquely amongst London electricians, we retain full records of all fire alarm tests we undertake. So we can always remind you when the tests become due for renewal, and your insurances will always remain up to date.

Fire alarms. are obligatory in every workplace. We are accredited to design and install fire alarm system and we are happy to advise you on your particular requirements. We are also accredited to test any fire alarm system that is not maintained by the original installer.
Whatever your testing requirements, we’ll test your system, help you maintain your logbook, keep duplicate records and make sure further tests are carried out in time.

Emergency Lighting Tests

We recommend that your annual test is carried out by a fire safety professional, otherwise you risk being in breach of UK fire safety regulations which can bring tough penalties.
Your annual emergency lighting test takes the same form as the monthly test, with the difference that it should last for either 1 hour or 3 hours, depending on the type of batteries you have in your emergency lighting system.
It’s called a ‘full discharge’ test and it tests that your batteries last as long as they should and meet the minimum legal requirement. Any failed batteries or lighting tubes should be replaced as quickly as possible following the test, and any more serious faults should be immediately investigated.

If your emergency lighting needs testing, then get in touch with our friendly team today for prices and to book an appointment.
Why not save time and money and checkout our maintenance packages; we can take care of your monthly and annual tests as well as other services you may require.

Data & Communication

Positive Electrical are able to aid in all aspects of data cabling with years of experience. We cover all areas from design, install, maintenance, testing and certification of data cabling installations which are the infrastructure of today’s IT and telecom systems.
When it comes do designing a network the cabling infrastructure is often overlooked. Network cabling is a very important aspect of any work place, now that data files are getting larger and people need things faster it is important to have the right cable installed to suit your needs.
Not only is it important to install the correct sized cable for your needs but if not installed correctly it can give you all sorts of issues further down the line like slow transfer speeds and sudden drops in network connection.

We offer the full package when it comes to data cabling, from the initial enquiry, design, install and any maintenance or repairs that could be needed after. During the installation our team of engineers use the finest techniques and best equipment to do the job ensuring you a pleasant experience with as little disruption as possible. We can handle any size of installation from basic cable installation in a home or small office to a complete building installation in a large office.

Air Conditioning

Keeping your staff cool in the summer and warm in the winter is the ideal way to keep a team motivated and also impress visitors. There is nothing worse than walking into a hot and sweaty office!
There are a number of factors that need to be taken into consideration when installing air conditioners in an office. It’s vital to design a solution that ensures that an even air flow is achieved in every room. Less experienced installers often do not fully consider the shape and layout of the office to be cooled, resulting in some parts of the workspace receiving a much heavier air flow than others. It is not uncommon to find that half an office is too cold while the other half is too hot with a poorly designed system, this can cause many ‘office temperature disagreements’ (OTDs).
Our expert surveyors know that all offices are different, and we always ensure that we design and install the system to suit your exact requirements, guaranteeing that all workers and visitors feel comfortable.
We cannot overstate the necessity that air conditioning systems are regularly maintained. Our teams of dedicated air conditioning service engineers operate throughout London and the Home Counties and they purely focus on both servicing and maintenance of aircon units. Their vast experience can determine whether a particular part is near the end of its serviceability and advise that it be replaced to avoid the unit breaking down when you most need it.

There’s no ‘ifs and buts’ that the lifespan of regularly serviced air conditioning units will outlast units that have been neglected. We are still servicing units that we installed over ten years ago which run as well as they did the day they were installed. Conversely, we’ve seen the same branded units that have needed replacing after only three years due to the lack of regular servicing. Well-maintained air conditioning equipment keeps running at peak performance and keeps energy bills down!

PAT Testing

Our dedicated team of London PAT test engineers are all fully qualified, insured and CRB checked to provide your business with total peace of mind.
Our PAT testing prices are simple, straight forward and very competitive
Our London based engineers will test all equipment with minimum inconvenience to you and your staff. This includes working out of normal office hours at no extra cost.
We specialise in portable appliance testing (PAT testing) and fixed installation testing in central London and the home counties. Covering all areas of business including: commercial, retail, education and facilities management.
If you have not already done so, it is essential that you protect your employees and your business by establishing and operating an electrical inspection and PAT testing programme.

We help companies meet their legal obligations and ensure the safety of all electrical equipment used in their businesses.
We provide a comprehensive, fully managed service, which includes periodic inspection and testing of portable appliances (PAT Testing) and fixed installations, along with full supporting documentation and advice.

LED Lighting Upgrades

Whether your business operates from offices, factories, warehouses, retail units or a combination of these, LED lighting provides a highly power efficient and sustainable lighting solution that significantly reduces energy costs, maintenance and your carbon footprint.
It also improves the overall lighting quality for employees and can be fully installed or simply retrofitted as required.
Lighting Design
We offer a full Relux lighting design service, complete with the required technical information and projected results in conjunction with the specified manufacturer for the project.
Audit and Survey
We carry out on-site power measurements, detailing existing luminaire numbers and we calculate the load of the current lighting installation. We also carry out a post-installation energy audit to confirm both energy and carbon reduction following the installation of a lighting upgrade.
We agree with the client luminaire style and cost optimization, advise on the most cost effective through life solution taking into account both CAPEX and OPEX demands then provide recommendations for warranted luminaires. We consider best in class energy efficient solutions which could be T5 as well as LED lighting and always ensure that the product is fit for purpose, not just current fashion.
LED lighting benefits

  • LED power efficiency could reduce lighting bills by up to 85%
  • Low maintenance – saving you £100s each year on replacement lamps
  • Improved light quality, instant full brightness and even distribution
  • Over 50,000 hours of life expectancy
  • Lower carbon emissions will reduce your carbon footprint
  • Reduced fire hazard due to lower running temperatures
  • Full spectrum of coloured lighting available for custom requirements
  • Fully compatible, easy to retrofit and replace
  • Flexible installation times
  • Wide range of LED lighting products – with warranties of up to 5 years

Full Fit Outs

Positive Electrical is a long established, well respected commercial electrical contractor. We specialise in full electrical fit-outs across a range of industry sectors including retail, office and industrial,
We work directly with retailers, private and public sector clients and business owners across London and Essex offering a comprehensive electrical fit-out service from our own experienced, Our expert electrical engineers are Safe Contractor approved and 18th Edition qualified.
Main contractors, architects, surveyors and interior designers also engage us to handle electrical fit out projects.

Planning, design, drawings, installation: every aspect of a full electrical fit-out is covered by our expert engineers.
We offer a fully comprehensive service in electrical fit outs, London-wide working on both new developments and refurbishments:

  • Full power system design and installation
  • Bespoke lighting for a range of specialist sectors including retail & education
  • Fire alarm, CCTV and security system design and installation
  • Integration of smoke detection and sprinkler systems
  • Data and voice cable networking
  • Production line electrical installations
  • Office electrical installation and refurbishment


Positive Electrical continue to strive for excellence is both customer care and quality of works… As with all things in life, we continue to expand our knowledge and invest in our engineers by providing ongoing training and advanced courses. We are accredited to various association to confirm our high standards and commitment to our clients.

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